26th Annual Spring Concert Finale!

26th Annual Spring Concert Finale!


The Dancing Center Unlimited has been providing award winning performances for decades...

Here is a list of some of the places that The DCU has performed in addition to competitions and annual scheduled performances!

Chelmsford SeptemberFest - September 22

The Goddard School, Westford, MA - September 27

Groton Fest, Groton, MA

Chelmsford Common Fair

The Boulevard stage - Lowell, MA

Winterfest - Chelmsford, MA

Texas - The DCU II

Walt Disney World - 1997, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2009, 2012, coming 2018

Pig & Pepper Festival, Westford, MA - 2011 

Kimball's Farm Halloween Shows - Annual

3rd of July - Chelmsford Common - Annual

Move for the Movement - Andover, MA

Please check us out at our next performance!

Post-show celebration

Post-show celebration

December Holiday Show

The DCU holds an annual Holiday Show in December at Mt Pleasant Golf Club in Lowell, MA. Inspired by the holiday season, dancers perform a short routine which they learn in class to everyone's seasonal favorites. Dancers are asked to wear holiday attire, no costume required. This performance is a great way to expose young dancers to an audience in a laid back and fun atmosphere. We even have a special visitor that stops by!


Annual Spring Concert

Annual Spring Concert Text: The Dancing Center Unlimited hold its annual recital at Westford Academy in Westford MA. The DCU has provided students with an exciting performance experience through its recital. The annual staple of the dance school, the recital, conjures images of childhood for many. It’s a rite of passage for youngsters, a chance to shine in front of family and friends that they anticipate with nervous excitement. The recital offers our students a professionally directed performance that allows them to present to their families and friends the results of a year’s hard work, dedication, and progress.

A big part of the dance training process includes learning through performance. The experience helps build self-esteem, self assurance, and contributes to a sense of confidence. Although performance opportunities can help prepare some students for a possible career in dance, they also contribute to children’s success in non-dance activities. That onstage experience can result in better in-school presentations, improved social skills, and strong interview skills for future college or job opportunities.

The rehearsal process is a tremendous learning experience as well. It helps the children develop retention skills, and by working with their classmates on a group performance, they learn the positive aspects of working as a team to create the best end result. Dedication to recital commitments is the responsibility of both students and their parents.