Tuition & Policies

The Dancing Center Unlimited (DCU) annual tuition for the dance school year is as follows:

The DCU tuition is broken into 9 Installments (competitive- 10 Installments)  for your convenience. Tuition is due on the 1st of each month. If your payment is not received by the 5th of the month, your card on file is denied or bank account will not process you will be charged a $25 late fee, which will be applied to your account.

Reocurring Billing

To ensure payments are received on time, we require that all accounts leave a credit card on file with us. If a balance is not paid by the set due date, the card on file will be charged for that amount.

By agreeing to reoccurring billing you authorize regularly scheduled charges to your Visa, Discover, MasterCard or checking or savings account. You will be charged each billing period for the total amount due for that period; the charge will appear on your credit card statement. You agree that prior-notification will be provided each month; via email.

If you do not wish to do reoccurring billing:

Pay by cash, check or credit card by the 1st of each month; if payment is not received by the 5th your card will be charged. Please note: If the 1st falls on a holiday or weekend, payments may be submitted prior to the 1st. 

If you choose "Self Pay" you will be given a 5 day grace period. If payments are not made by this time, your card or bank account on file will be processed.

Payment of tuition is required for the time the student has spent in studio only. Competitive students please refer to your policies booklet regarding tuition. In order to withdraw from DCU we must receive 30 days written notice prior to your departure. Billings will continue one full cycle upon receipt of your withdrawal notice.

ATTENDANCE POLICY (Recreational): Attendance is required for all scheduled classes. If your child is going to be absent for any reason, please notify the studio with a courtesy call. If your child is absent, the DCU offers make-up classes. Your child may make up a class with another class at your child’s level. We do not pro-rate tuition if a child is absent for an extended amount of time, we offer make ups.

COSTUME DEPOSITS are non refundable and are due with your dancer's November tuition payment (Installment #3). Competitive collections may be different.  Costume deposits are determined by the number of classes your child takes and or number of genres performing in our annual concert. Notice of costume deposits due will be posted in October.  Costumes are ordered in December.  

If a child leaves our program after costumes have been ordered the parent/guardian is responsible for the full payment of the costume and or all accessories ordered.  In the event the costume can be cancelled or returned, for a "return, restock fee"  the parent/guardian will be response for the payment of this fee in full.   

Pro-rate policy - We do not pro-rate, we offer make ups. 

Note: See competitive contract for competitive policies.

WAIVER FOR TRIAL CLASS - all new students must complete the following prior to taking class.

DCU Class Trial Waiver.jpg
Class Withdrawal.jpg